Thursday, March 3, 2011

TS's Schedule for Soribada Streaming [Digital Album of Maknae Kim Hyung Jun]

Okay after discussions with fellow TS, finally they've formed a plan for us Triple S to support our youngest member Hyung Jun. We don't want our baby to be left out right? Let us give him the love that he deserves. He's been aiming for an award/recognition for himself so now's the right time to give him what he wants. Triple S pretties will always be forever on their side and that means we have to give our 501% efforts to reach and give 'em what they truly deserve. Special thanks to hl2412@twitter for coming up with this plan. ^^, 

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And along with this plan, I've already sent you my proposal regarding selling Soribada cards. To those who doesn't have credit card to purchase one, I'll buy SC cards for you and just pay me through bank (only applicable to TS Phil.) 
Just email me if you're interested: 

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