Sunday, March 20, 2011

[Full Article] Korean Stars donate to Japan Relief Efforts

To those who haven't got a chance to read the full article like me, here's the full one written by Mr. Jonathan Hicap. 

I love how he introduced Kim Hyun Joong ^^,

Korean stars donate to Japan relief efforts


MANILA, Philippines - Days after the devastating earthquake and tsunami that wiped out towns in many areas in Japan, millions of people were left homeless and are now crowding evacuation centers.
There is shortage of food, water, clothing and electricity. Evacuees are also struggling to cope with freezing temperature.
In the face of severe crisis, Korean stars have started donating to help in the relief efforts for the earthquake victims in Japan.
Actor Bae Yong Joon, who is very popular in Japan, has donated 1 billion won (P38.71 million) to Japan. The 38-year-old actor rose to stardom through the drama series “Winter Sonata."
Bae has a huge following in Japan and is known by his Japanese nickname Yonsama. The actor has been involved in various charity projects.
Last year, he participated in the “Miso Project” by Japan’s Digital Adventure TV that raised funds for poor children in the Philippines and Cambodia.
Another popular star, Kim Hyun Joong, leader of boy band SS501, has donated 100 million won (P3.87 million) to help the earthquake victims. Bae and Kim are both under Keyeast management agency.
Kim said his heart ached after hearing the news of the earthquake and tsunami. He asks people to join together to help the victims.
Actor Song Seung Hun has also taken part in the emergency relief efforts for Japan. The actor has donated 200 million won (P7.74 million) to Japan through the Salvation Army and urged the public to donate.
Korean TV stations will also help raise funds through telethons. KBS and MBC will air live fundraising programs so people can donate to Japan. Internet portal Daum has also raised P1.5 million.
Kudos to these Artists who never hesitates to help those people in need especially to the Japanese victims of the killer earthquake and tsunami. It's just so nice to know that despite how famous these stars are, they never forget how to lend a hand. It takes so much for a person to share that amount of money that's why I salute these guys. Thank You very much for being such a great role model. And to our Leader Kim Hyun Joong, just ignore those people who criticized you. You started this and the rest followed, have you noticed it ? =) So just continue to be a Leader yourself and we Triple S will follow. 

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