Monday, May 16, 2011

[Complete with Eng Trans] Young Saeng's Thanks To Message

Please repost with full credits, thanks!

Thank you very much to rmdkdl for the complete english translation!

from rmdkdl :

I heard some overseas fans were looking for an English translation of Young Saeng's Thanks to from his album so here it is! ^^ It's not the best and it doesn't really capture the cute tone of his message, sorry about that! FYI, hyungnim and nunim are the more polite ways of saying hyung (older brother) and nuna (older sister). Hope streaming Soribada is going well! ^^  


I want to first thank my parents who gave birth to me and raised me!!^^ Thank you to the CEO of B2M!!!  Gil JongHwa for releasing a solo album under my name Heo Young Saeng. ^^ Although I wasn’t able to meet you much…KangJiHoon CEO!! The always lonely YoonwooTaek Director!! Thank you!! ^^ Those who worked really hard for this album…HyungKook hyung, who’s always only serious with me~~ Hyungjin hyung~~~ who always yells out “Ok”!!! Guensup hyung!!!, who I don’t get to see often.. Thank you~~~ Jungwoo hyung, who’s always around me and talking with me~ Sangi, who’s my age but I feel like you’re  Soyoung nuna Miran nuna, you said that you only gave me a gift on White day…it was delicious right? lol The star of our company!!! Leehyori nunim!!! Help me..^^ lol The new group that will come out of our company!! I hope you’re a success!!!^^ Najungyoon vocal teacher who worked really hard during the recording sessions..!! Get married soon~~ ^^ Steven Lee hyung, who came from the U.S. and adjusted very well to Korea!! lol, Seunghyun hyung, who worked hard to train my bad singing voice! Jaeho hyung!! You gave me a song…but we talked more about other things than music… Seungsoo hyung!! I feel bad because we only played one game of Winning and I won… Songwriter SongSooyoon!! I feel bad because I asked you for many revisions to the lyrics because of my difficult personality… To Drew, Sean, Jimmy, John who’s helping me from far away, the U.S. thank you!! And I miss you~~^^ Taewon hyung, who helped me despite his busy schedule, I love you!! Hongjanghyun hyungnim, who took the cool photographs!!!  Thanks for your hard work in the cold~ Stylist Kimhaneul , who dresses me in the cool clothes!!  To redcarpet, who did my hair and makeup!! Thank you~~^^ Thanks to you, I think the photos came out well! ^^ Even though I don’t go often...OnetoOne Family thank you for teaching me to workout ^^ My trainer LeeByunghee trainer!!! Fighting~~~~ Jinchul hyung! who lost sleep to make my dance moves because your friend Heo Young Saeng is putting out his first solo album…Thank you~~  I always forget your name and so I always call you mandu hyung…lol Hyung~ Thank you~!! I don’t know the names of the other dancers…^^ Let’s become closer~~ lol  Parkjibin who always monitored my new songs…I’m not that thankful to you!! Sangil hyung, who cheers me on from Japan!!  I miss you~~^^ Maehee hyung!! who acted in a movie!! I hope the movie is a hit~~!!! Sena nuna..Yuri nuna..Youmi nuna…who were with me since my debut, I’m always thankful to you!! ^^ And Hyunsaeng hyung.. Minsung hyung..Jaeyong hyung!!!  who plays a lot of games these days…Gunyong hyung who always makes me laugh when we drink! And  Minhyun hyung!! Yoonyong hyung, who is usually quiet but then once in a while makes me laugh!!  Thanks so much guys~~ Giwon hyung, who’s always my mentor!! Sejoon hyungnim who always gives me good advice!! Thanks so much for your great advice!! M4 Fighting!! lol Um actor Gijoon hyung who is a hyung when we’re together..but then changes to a charismatic actor on stage!! Our number one!! Suh star, Jisuk hyung!! Woojae hyung who always makes me laugh!! Our very own MC Taein hyung!! Sehwan hyung who makes me happy just looking at you!! Sangyeop hyung!! who becomes more charming the more I meet you!! All of you make me laugh when I’m down..thank you!! ^^ Also Yonghan hyungnim..Jaewook hyungnim..Hyunjin hyungnim..Sukkyu hyung..Sunhee nuna..Younghee hyung…Heemoon hyung…Suhwan hyung..Chanmin hyung..Junghwan hyung!! Thank you~~~ ^^ GREAT baseball team~ Thanks for your support!! ^^ To those I may have left out…I’m sorry..but please know that I’m always grateful to you l!!~~~^^ SS501 members..Hyungjoong...Kyujong..Jungmin..Hyungjun… I can’t leave you out from my Thanks to. Let’s all become superstars and until the day that we can show that the five of us are one…Let’s work hard!!! ^^ I want to thank Triple S fans for loving SS501 and me, Heo Young Saeng!! Lastly, I express my deep gratitude to LeeHoYeon CEO... for turning a person named Heo Young Saeng into a singer…This has been SS501 Young Saeng…You’re amazing for reading this long writing!!!hahaha~ THANK YOU…!!! 

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