Wednesday, May 11, 2011

[May 12, 2011] Mass Purchasing of YS Album 'LET IT GO'

Peas! Peas! This is urgent! Thanks to ricelyn@twitter for the tip. I'm actually under observation and figuring out why we didn't make Maknae and JM no.1 in Soribada while we streamed like hell that time! So here how it really works!! 

So the only difference from my instructions (where you can see at the left side of my blog) are:
1. You should erase your downloaded YS songs from your computer. 
2. You should register your computer first before streaming.
3. Save your downloaded song at your Desktop or to another folder then erase it when you start streaming.  
4. You can stream all day and log out at 11:50pm KST

Now, I think it's much better to start downloading and streaming on May 12 to make a bigger impact! REMEMBER, DIGITAL SALES HAS A HIGHER PERCENTAGE THAN ALBUM SALES!

PLEASE SPREAD! thanks!! 
instructions credit to rmdkdl@twitter
Please re-post it with full credits!
You can ask questions at the comment box!

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