Sunday, May 15, 2011

[5.15.11] Series of Fancams from Today's Inkigayo Performance

All credits to Madeleine for the wonderful fancams! Gosh, Young Saeng, why are you so gorgeous?

Okay, I should say this but I like Saengie more with shades. kekeke I know some of you loved it when he took it off, but for me I love it when he's wearing it. I don't know maybe because, the shades really fits him well ? His nose really fits the shades. The shades emphasized Saengie's beautiful nose more. =) kekekeke Take a closer look if you're in doubt hehehehe.. ^^,

Let It Go (Rehearsal)

Outside SBS

Let it Go (Rehearsal 2)
check out the tongue!!!

And these are lifted form Baidu taken by WEOLCHEOK

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