Saturday, April 28, 2012

Ready for Kim Hyun Joong Starting This May 2012?

All geared up for Kim Hyun Joong this coming May for his Asia Fanmeeting? The poster made by JOYTIME Taiwan made it just more exciting and awesome! 

Listed below are the lucky countries for Leader's destination for his Asia Tour. 

First Stop! SINGAPORE 5/4/12@8pm

2nd Stop! HONGKONG 5/12/12 @8pm
3rd Stop!  TAIWAN 5/18-19/12 @7pm
4th Stop!  Chengdu CHINA 6/1/12 @8pm
5th Stop!  Guangzhou CHINA 6/2/12 @8pm
6th Stop!  Shanghai CHINA 6/9/12 @7:30pm
7th Stop!  Beijing CHINA 6/10/1 @7:30pm

Or to memorize it easier, here's a photo schedule I made ^^


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