Monday, April 16, 2012

Kim Hyung Jun's Family Photo "I Love You. Be Happy"

Source: Korean Economic Newspaper
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Singer Kim Hyung Jun released his family picture.

Kim Hyung Jun disclosed a photo on his twitter afternoon of 4/16 saying "I Love You, Be happy".

In the photo shared, there's a cake with candle light and in the middle was their mother,
Hyung Jun at the left while his younger brother Kim Ki Bum at the right being so sweet while looking at the camera.

On the same day, Kim Ki Bum also tweeted "It's my mom's birthday today together with hyung! I will not forget who gave birth and raised us. Forever family" (Blogger's note: I'm not sure about my translation with Ki Bum's message)

Kim Hyung Jun, Kim Ki Bum and their mother seated at the center kissed by his sons on the cheek portrayed a happy family that caught people's attention.

Meanwhile, netizens shared their reactions saying "What a great view" "Mother be happy!"
"Hyung Jun oppa and Ki Bum oppa really are a good son"

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