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SS501's Kim Hyung Jun "I've kissed someone on our first meeting"

SS501's Kim Hyung Jun "I've kissed someone on our first meeting

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Kim Hyung Jun's hot and interesting confession.

Singer Kim Hyung Jun appeared on Echannel's 'Absolute Girl' with the topic 'Ideal Type Management' last saturday night at 11pm.

Throughout the shooting, Kim Hyung Jun caught the crowd with his frank and fearless confession. Kim Hyung Jun proudly said "I kissed someone of my opposite sex on our first meeting", "I once tried investigating my lover's past" and everyone was amazed. MC Gong Hyung Jin was a bit confused on Kim Hyung Jun's answer and so he added "So I broke up with her" and made all burst into laughter.

Kim Hyung Jun said "I'm a private-type of guy and so I don't like going out that much" he also added that his ideal girl is "I like girls who likes to exercise/work out".

Kim Hyung Jun's 'Absolute Girl' candidates are from Fitness Korea, a student from LA and a variety of attractive women.

Star Ideal Management 'Absolute Girl' MC Gong Hyung Jin together with the hunters Kim Chang Ryeol, Park Hee Sun, Yoon Hyung Bin and Song Dae Hyun who directly went on the streets to find and ideal girl for Kim Hyung Jun.

Our Jjunie looked stunning in this show. He also looked stunned and a bit shy when he saw the candidates but it only made him look more cuter. Hehe.. Aigooo he really is a big boy now. 

Here's the full show uploaded by colourful in Vimeo and shared by @triplesph 

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