Sunday, August 12, 2012

God Of Cookery's Kim Kyu Jong 'I will eat Eel when I go to Army'

 God Of Cookery's Kim Kyu Jong 'I will eat Eel when I go to Army'

Source: Arts News
Korean to English Translation: Cheezeemelt 
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Kim Kyu Jong's last shooting in 'The House of Taste' in Bongbae-dong Seoul Eel Store. Kim Kyu Jong's favorite eel shop was the place specifically selected by the crew.

Park Ji Yun on Kim Kyu Jong while watching him eating "Seeing him eating like this, I think in the future I will not have the usual appetite that I used to have" and then Jeong Jun Ha answered "There's no way you're gonna lose your appetite. I'm gonna be watching you next week" made the shooting site burst into laughter.

Meanwhile SS501 members Kim Hyung Jun and Heo Young Saeng appeared as the special guests who are also satisfied with the taste of the eel and had fun while shooting Kim Kyu Jong shooting his last 'God of Cookery' episode before going to the military and will be broadcasted on Aug 4th.

Aigoo aigoo, this was Kyu Jong's last episode in God Of Cookery before going to the military. Look how healthy is. I hope he would maintain that healthy look in him during his service in the military. Even though Kyu Jong doesn't talk that much in this show, I believe he made a close relationship between the hosts. Thank you for taking care and for guiding our Kyu Jongie while working with you there in God Of Cookery! We hope to see him with you guys again the future! *wink*

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