Wednesday, September 14, 2011

[COMPLETE] MYX Features Kim Hyun Joong in Manila

OMG! I thought I'm over now with Leader after his visit here last Aug. 25..but after watching this special feature from MYX about Leader.. I DIED! Again! XD

Even Vj Bianca couldn't hide her feelings upon meeting our Leader! kekeke~ See how gorgeous our Leader is, Vj Bianca? ^_____^ 

Oh well, I won't blame Vj Bianca..Leader really is way too PERFECT to be called Human! hahaha! 

I was all SMILE while watching this feature. I'm just happy and proud that finally, Filipinos are starting to appreciate our Leader and hopefully SS501 will be recognized as well. 

In time, Kim Hyun Joong and the rest of SS501 members will have their moment to shine here in the Philippines and I'm sure they will be BIG! ^^

Special thanks to namjachingukhj_06 who happened to be my partner-in-crime and my co-blogger for recording this MYX Feature! I know how you felt while recording this! hahahaha good job though! XD

Pls put proper credits when reposting, Thanks!

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namjachingukhj♫ said...

partner in crime! ^^ kekekeke thanks for posting this one! ^^ hope you enjoyed every minute of the video clip. I did! ^^