Wednesday, September 28, 2011

New Method on How To Use Soribada

Thanks a lot to my co-blogger Lisa and to one of my readers here Ping0119. Thank you guys for sharing this! 

This is really a big help! Kyu our Center needs us! ^^

Here's a new method to use SORIBADA. 

Credit: Pabo_JH
Shared by: Lisa + Ping0119
Posted by: Cheezeemelt (

Please spread this ^^ I just had my registration done couple of minutes ago. =)) I'll just wait for my approval...(hoping)

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namjachingukhj♫ said...

In addition:

Please take note gals of the ff info since it worked for me. ^^

1. Please use Internet Explorer as your browser for registering and for purchasing the card.

2. If you get an error that you need to install KPC, just click ok.

3. After the installation, just click the option for retry or 결제. Remember: you only click this option multiple times IF and only if you are not yet in the purchasing part.

If you do have more questions, feel free to leave a comment here ^^

Let's all do it Triple S! ^^