Monday, September 12, 2011

Lyle Beniga at Kim Hyun Joong's House for Chuseok Festival

Lyle Beniga, if you will recall he was the one who choreographed Leader's 'Breakdown'. He also conducted a KPOP TAKEOVER Dance Showdown whereas he included 'Breakdown' for their showcase in LA.

2 weeks ago Lyle went to Korea probably for vacation and today spending Chuseok Festival at Kim Hyun Joong's house.

On his twitter account he shared some of their photos having their celebration and while playing cards. He showed photos with their foods, money and Q-tips! Hahaha Yes, you read it right. I think they used Q-tips as a substitute for poker chips, so probably they are playing poker.

During their card game, Lyle kept us updated by tweeting their play. Unfortunately, Lyle and Hyun Joong got out at the latter part of the game! Hahaha too bad!

Here are Lyle's tweets:

at 10:21 pm KST

'Happy to be spending Korean thanksgiving here (choosuk?). Grubbing at khj's crib. It's on!'

at 11:19 pm KST

'Texas hold em... With q-tips. Lol! They do this all the time aparently. Hahaha #moneyismoney'

at 11:32 pm KST

'Straight flush on their asses! Gimmie my q-tips! Lol'

at 11:54 pm KST

'Khj got us BAD on a pair of 8's. Weeeeak! :P'

at 12:26 am KST

'Khj and I... Are out. Booooo!'

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