Monday, October 1, 2012

Rumor Floating, SS501 Most Likely To Reunite?

Actually, I don't know why this became a hot topic. Didn't are boys told us about this already? Oh well anyways, as promised here is the translation article from eNEWS saying about the possibe reunion of SS501.

Source: eNEWS
Korean To English Translation: Cheezeemelt (
Note: This article is quite sensitive as other readers may interpret this differently. Please do inform me if you feel the translation is incorrect. Thanks!

"It is true that we have met. To make our decision about the reunion accurate, we want it to be slowly but surely"

5 male singers group SS501 could regroup again. Last 2010, Kim Hyun Joong, Heo Young Saeng, Kim Kyu Jong, Park Jung Min and Kim Hyung Jun ended their contract with DSP Media.
After leaving DSP Media, the members was interviewed in TV showing a strong commitment "It's not disbandment".
Last August, going ahead from the other members, Kim Kyu Jong was enlisted to the army and it has been reported that the members gathered and showed their support for Kyu Jong. SS501 also is rumored and caught attention by planning to resume their activities just like Shinhwa.

In relation to this, Park Jung Min held his official debut single showcase 'Give Me Your Heart' as Romeo in Tokyo Japan and after the showcase eNEWS met with him and talked about the reunion rumors.
Jung Min said "It is true that the members have met before Kyu Jong went for the army", "As we always said that it is not disbandment because we can reunite anytime we want and the willingness is always there".
However Park Jung Min is not sure specifically when will their plan is going to happen. "One of our member is currently serving  the army, I can not comment yet for the specific time because it's difficult to say when as we all have our activities from our agencies"

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