Sunday, September 2, 2012

Kim Hyun Joong's Fashion Photoshoot Scene

Kim Hyun Joong's Fashion Photoshoot Scene

Source: Sports Korea
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Actor and Singer Kim Hyun Joong became the 'Autumn Man'. Despite spending a busy schedule everyday for his new drama 'City Conquest', Kim Hyun Joong was found to be shooting a photoshoot scene. Showing off what could it look like Kim Hyun Joong's soft and autumn image.

# Busy Scene

Even though there's only one person in the photos, it contains countless of efforts. Catching the pose, Kim Hyun Joong and his staff were also captured by the lens.

# Just sitting there in the chair

Looking weary from a distant place, sitting backwards in the chair. With his eye-catching long legs stretched out straight. Quite literally 'Breathaking Scene'.

# The staffs are the most envied
In the middle of shooting, Kim Hyun Joong was surrounded by the staff to check his hairstyle and outfit. Straightening and polishing out his clothes, streaming down his bangs and was organized by the staff. The fans surely are the most envious.

# What are the photos that came out the best?

Look here, look at that. Staffs filmed and watched the shooting carefully. The near and close to perfect Kim Hyun Joong was given an applause and also for the efforts of the staff.

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