Saturday, November 19, 2011

Kim Hyun Joong's Favorite Movie 'Be With You'

Kim Hyun Joong as of this moment is having his 2nd to the last Japan Tour in Tokyo. During the talk time, Hyun Joong mentioned that his favorite movie is 'Be With You' and often listen to its OST every night before he sleeps. 

'Be With You' is a a Japanese movie adapted from a novel written by Takuji Ichikawa. It's about a woman who died and left his husband and son alone but eventually came back through a 'time capsule' his son hid with his mother before her death. 

This movie seems like a sad but inspirational movie about love and family. Looking forward to watch it.

Here's the trailer of the movie

Here's the movie's OST by Orange Range

You can watch the whole movie here: 

Thanks to @Ssavi11 @Matatakoku and @Akanechiro @hime501 @_Greenpeas_ in twitter for the infos!! =D

credits also to wikipedia ^^

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