Saturday, November 12, 2011

Voting Plan for 2011 Yahoo Buzz Awards

Hi guys! Me and Steph conducted a plan to divide and organize our resources and manpower regarding voting for Leader in Yahoo Buzz Awards. Since we already received lots of email IDs that can be used in voting but manpower is not enough, we decided to divide the manpower into two groups by country.

If you participate in the voting team, we do not ask much of your time for voting. The plan is, we will also divide the email IDs we've received into two shifts (morning & night). All you have to do is use those emails properly. For example, if you only have time for voting during morning shift, then use only email IDs that are under morning shift. This is to equally spread the emails and of course to balance our resources. We have to be consistent day and night. 

Now if you really can't participate, then you might as well donate your spare email IDs to us so other voters will vote for you. 

Here's how: 

 [Note] Please send your emails together with your passwords. Thanks!


Joying said...

I don't have a Twitter acc but I want to join the voting team. How can I join? I'm from Hong Kong. Thank you.

cheezeemelt said...

Hi joying! sorry for the late reply..if you wanna join the team, then you belong to Steph's team. Just go here password: khjuzoosindaebak