Saturday, May 26, 2012

Kim Hyun Joong Asia FM Hitler Parody

OMG! I literally cracked up over this parody. I didn't understand that much but I think I got the main idea and it's really funny!

This is Hitler right? I don't know I'm not sure about this guy... He seems like Hitler the ferocious dictator. 

Video Credit: dh8345@youtube
Translated (Rough) by: Cheezeemelt (
Posted by: 하늘 (wjdnwls228)@naver

Here is some of my rough translation. I hope someone will fully translate this. 

Lieutenant no.1: 

Uzoosin have a remaining fanmeeting in China. Four regions will take place namely Guangzhou, Chengdu, shanghai, beijing. To add for the chinese fans great show is expected.


bring my passport from my room through my drawers

Lieutenant no.1: 



(I think his passport needs renewal and his assistants threw it away or else his family will be doomed because he is the Leader of the war)

(Then Hitler became so mad)


Now shut up and take on the situation!

I myself want to go that fanmeeting!

This is once in a lifetime event!!! 

It's always like this!!!

Give me 1 million reason why I can't go to this event!!

Lieutenant no.2: 

Master, after the fanmeeting you can find everything in youtube.


 I know! Facebook. youtube, twitter, always check on them!

I want to shakehands with him too!
I want want to have a picture of Uzoosin too!
I even want to be on stage with him!!

(After he blurted out his anger, he then calms down and said....)

However, I'm glad..... Uzoosin will play as MIR (I think he's talking about Leader's new drama)


***Blogger's Note: This is not the exact translation****



Anonymous said...

I'll wait full english translation^^ this video is so interesting^^ thank you dear.

cheezeemelt said...

I am waiting too! ^^ You're welcome!