Saturday, May 5, 2012

Kim Hyun Joong's 5 Things He Wants To Do For His Girlfriend

Okay, even though I wasn't at the FM last night in Singapore, I can feel all the energy from the fans who watched! I think it's indeed a very unique fanmeet more close to a concert.

During the FM I think a video was shown, a video about Hyun Joong's 5 things he wanted to do for his girlfriend (ahem!). 

Here's the photos/screencaps taken by my good friend Jaksalee from the video.

Photo Credits: Jaksalee
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5 Things Kim Hyun Joong Wanted To Do For His Girlfriend

1. Cook for her 


2. Write a true-hearted Letter

3. Giving a Romantic Gift

4. Mimicking a scene from a movie

5. And Finally, singing only for her!

So sweet right? Hehe but why am I laughing while posting this? HAHA XD Okay, just imagine Leader filming this video... The 'Titanic' part is just hilarious! XD


tiff said...

kekeke~ i love mimicking a scene from a movie...!! kekeke funny leader he is not someone who say his true heart and love cheezy think but age must make him need someone to love~

cheezeemelt said...

Hahaha I love your comment! ^^