Thursday, December 29, 2011

SS501 in 2011

Woah! A year has passed and here we are standing stronger than ever, aren't we? For me 2011 is a blast! 2011 brought us tears, joy and smiles. What more can we ask for? Our boys as a solo artists have achieved their individual goals and so far are doing good in their own field. I'm also sure they are now feeling the fruits of their hardwork and sacrifice. Good news is, looks like their success will continue this coming 2012 isn't it? ^^

For us Triple S, let us continue to support our boys until they reunite in the future! We will stay right? ^^

Here is the video I made about what had happened to SS501 in the year 2011. It's my own style of summarization so if you found something is missing just keep it to yourself or better make your own video kekeke nah! I'm kidding! What I meant is, this video is just a summarization so you will not find the complete events of our boySS ^^,

SS501 in 2011

If you want to reminisce, here's SS501 in 2010

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