Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Negative Reactions by Netizens on 2011 Yahoo Buzz Awards Ceremony

Tonight at Yahoo Buzz Awards Ceremony, many people are upset of the way YBA is organized especially when Kim Hyun Joong and Super Junior's turn to receive their awards. A little misunderstanding had happened when the MC invited both Kim Hyun Joong and Super Junior on the stage to receive the award. Netizens are quite upset since Kim Hyun Joong got 50 million votes and he didn't had a decent and special stage.
Below are the fans' comments about the incident.

from hectorroger08@yt
'Hyun Joong congrats!!! I'm proud of you......
But I want to cry there was confusions. It was Choi si won's mistake, super junior was called but he didn't come up the stage instead he let KHJ go up there...KHJ was suppose to be called the last, that was why no one heard KHJ's name being called. Anyway, everyone know who's the star of the show, no one else except Kim hyun Joong. KHJ the best always.'

'I'm sorry this is so frustrating, KHJ came all the way to Hong Kong just to accept the award. It's choi si won's mistake super junior was called, he didn't come up. Even if the MC made mistake, choi si won already heard super junior why did he let KHJ come up on stage. KHJ was already telling him SJ is already been called. Aigoo. Nobody seem to noticed at the back closely pls. T T T You're right 56M voted for KHJ but no proper intro from the MC. This show is too disorganize'

from elisanieva@yt
'congrats hj...good job hj fans,triple S & my henecians family for all the votes he proud..I just hope he got the best credit & not like these..I didnt hear his name called'

from lerler23
'Hyun joong's name was called before super junior's name but MC called his name in chiness, it's Jin xian zhong, and Mc called SJ lounder than HJ name. At first time I didn't hear HJ name too and a little bit angry to MC but then I liten it again and found that he call HJ name. Anyway don't too much serious about it, just congrate to HJ together ^o^.'

from WWloveDoubleHJ@yt
'i'm extremely disappointed with yahoo. this year's YBA was done badly. how on the earth that top korean acts KHJ and SJ who came all the way from S.Korea got to the stage together and got the awards together (Dear YBA, I suppose most of the audience came to see both of them) and poor KHJ who was being pushed aside after getting his awards. 4 awards as the greatest winner of the day only had 1 minute plus of speech.'

from pochlover@yt 
'Why does the mc keep saying super junior but gave 4 trophies (if not mistaken) to Hyun Joong. Kim Hyun Joong should be called properly since he got the best award given. This is a big mc mistake. Not only SUJU's Siwon and Donghae got confused but also our Kim Hyun Joongssi. Anyway, congratulations again KHJ for winning in YBA 3 years in a row. You really deserved it. Kim Hyun Joong fighting!'

Here's the full video of Kim Hyun Joong's cut from Yahoo Buzz Awards

Well for me, if I have to pinpoint someone here I think it would have to be the organizers and the MC's fault. Of course, for me I want a special stage for Leader as well, so the way they awarded him really disappoints me and that's it, nothing more nothing less. And I also agree, Hyun Joong got more than 50 million votes and there he was, just had 1 minute speech time and got pushed aside after he spoke. It was really frustrating I know, but it all happened already, we can not change the past. Let's just be happy that Hyun Joong won 4 major awards and that's enough.

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