Sunday, July 29, 2012

Kim Hyung Jun in K-Collection With Supermodel Poolside Party

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26th of July last friday, several kpop stars and super models gathered in one place for the 'K-Collection With Supermodel Vol.1 ''Basket Poolside Party'' and was held in Seoul Sheraton Walkerhill Riverpark. I'm not sure though what songs Jjunie performed but I think he was the first one to perform together with other Kpop artists like Woo Young of 2pm, After School, Glam, Mighty Mouse, G-Na, B.A.P, Sunny Hill, Handsome People, Bigstar, Hello Venus, Nuest, NS Yoon Ji, Electro Boys, Tahiti, etc.

Basing it on Jjunie's outfit, I think he performed 'Sorry, I'm Sorry'. Here are some media photos of our ever dashing maknae Kim Hyung Jun. Credit to all as tagged.

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