Saturday, July 7, 2012

Park Jung Min's 'ROMEO Project'

It's been awhile since I wrote something about our sexy charisma! It's been a while! Kekeke Well here it is now, our Jung Min will be having this 'Romeo Project' that gets everyone so curious! Me as well but at the same time confuse?? Hahaha I seriously don't get that much what is this all about. Maybe a new concept for his new look for his Japanese album? O_o Maybe! ^^

To get us all updated about what's going on with this project, here are some details. 

Japanese to English Translation: Cheezeemelt (


   [CONTACT DATE] 7/12 (Thurs) 19:19 START
   [CONTACT PLACE] Tokyo Shinjuku Blaze
    [Price] 3,333 Yen
    FOR 444 Persons ONLY

More infos:
[Number of Tickets] Up to 2 ticket/person
[Ticket Registration Period] June 29 19:00 to July 3 23:59
[Ticket Admission] Tokyo Kyodo Online Ticketing 
[Payment Method] 7 11 Stores; cash or credit card
[How to Claim] 7 11 Stores; Ticketing Fee: 105 yen/ticket purchased
[System Usage Fees] 350 yen/ticket purchased
[Lottery Winner Announcement] Evening of 7/5; Winner will be notified tru email. You can also check the winners on the application site.
[Contact Us] Kyodo Tokyo 0570-064-708 (weekdays: 12:00? 18:00 / holidays: 10:00? 18:00 )

Blogger's note:
Okay, I only used translator regarding those infos, and If I'm not mistaken, cameras aren't allowed inside as well as lightsticks and fanboards this is because it may distract the media recording it.. I'm not sure about this yet! 

 [Romeo 1st SONG RELEASE] 2012.07.12

Blogger's note:
I'm not sure about this one too hehe, those who will purchase his song tru iTunes will be receiving a limited wallpapers and this is only available on its day of release. But wallpapers aren't available in smartphones (I really don't get this... hahaha)



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