Saturday, July 28, 2012

Until We Meet Again Kim Kyu Jong

photo credit to Newsen

The fear of every fangirls has come to us Triple S. Our center Kim Kyu Jong finally enters the military. He's the first member to get in amongst Kim Hyun Joong, Heo Young Saeng, Park Jung Min and Kim Hyung Jun. Of course 2 of the members didn't let him go that easily as they send Kyu Jong off before entering the military. Some says Leader and Jung Min also went to Jeonju to send him off. It went emotional of course, the sweetest and caring member of SS501 will be gone for 2 years. Approximately 500 fans sent him off to the military that day of July 23 in Jeonju.

I didn't get that emotional. I don't know. Maybe I just nailed in my mind before anyone else of you who got really emotional that Kyu Jong will come back. Yes, 2 years is long but the fact is he will be back. He didn't died or hospitalized for life. He is still here on earth alive and kicking. I was quite happy to be honest, because I know in his heart that he fulfilled a very brave decision and obligation for his country as a man. And as a man that's quite an achievement. But of course, being emotional is normal as a fangirl. So to conclude this post, I think I'm not normal at all. Haha.

As sweet as ever our Kim Kyu Jong didn't left us with nothing. He released a mini album entitled 'Meet Me Again' with its title track 'My Precious One' before entering the military. Isn't that sweet?

1. My Precious One
2. One Luv (Duet with C-Luv Feat. Shorry J)
3. Thank You (Feat. ThanKyu)
4. My Precious One (Inst.)

And his last message for his Pretties! 

Translation by @superstarsubs

Hello, this is Kim Kyu Jong. Yeah, is this yet another awkward greeting? Anyway, we, SS501, debuted in the year 2005, and now it is already the year 2012, it is a really long time, a long time has passed. I'll be leaving everyone's side for a while. Because I'll be enlisting soon, we'll have to spend the next 2 years apart, for a while. It has been 7, 8 years since we've met so I think that 2 years is considered a short time in comparison. Everyone, always stay healthy and happy. Also, I've released an album this time round, an album titled "Meet Me Again", so I hope you'll have a great time while listening to the album. In the time that I'm in the army, our members will be actively promoting so please show them lots of support. I sincerely wish that only good things will fill up your life. Then, I'll be greeting everyone often. This has been Kim Kyu Jong and 2 years later, SS501's Kim Kyu Jong will return.

SS501 Sub-Unit Heo Young Saeng and Kim Hyung Jun says goodbye! (cr: Newsen)
So to Kim Kyu Jong who always takes care his Pretties, Until We Meet Again! *waves & winks*

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