Monday, February 28, 2011

[2.28.11] Charity Soccer Match on Sahmyook University

Whew! Did I mentioned that today's really a #doubleHJday ? Surge of news regarding our two KHJs!! ^^, Well this one is about HJL, he and his team FC MEN went for a charity soccer match at Sahmyook University and they WON with a score of 4:3!. FC MEN is a celebrity soccer team lead by Leader and JYJ's Junsu. ^^,

Thanks to our twitter pals for the updates! Thanks to miyo and iamsom@twitter!

Here are some pix from the match.

 Media Photo: credit as tagged

 credits to Sahmyook University

And for today's match, they donated 1 million won to the charity. How thoughtful! ^^,
 credit as tagged

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