Wednesday, February 16, 2011

[We Got Married] In Amusement Park Date Who did the Punishment Wave?

Okay, sorry for this random post hehe but I'm a Joongbo fan also ehehe. I found this very interesting, thanks to ssangchu heaven for sharing! In WGM, remember Leader and Hwangbo's date on an Amusement park? Remember their game on who can maintain a poker face while riding the roller coaster? All we know (because this was the only part shown on TV) that Leader lost the game and did the 'Sexy Wave', but did you know that Hwangbo lost too and yeah she did the 'Sexy Wave' as well!! ^______________________________^

Joongbo Deleted Scene - Wave from ssangchu heaven on Vimeo.

Funny right? The video's kinda blurry but you can see Hwangbo's wave and you can see Leader clapping ! hahahaha I so loovvee this ! I can't imagine what Leader felt that time! hihihihihi.. ^^,

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