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Kyu Jong And Young Saeng 'MY' Story in Manila Part 1

Kyu Jong and Young Saeng AND Story's last stop was in Manila and was held last Feb. 5, 2011 at PICC Forum 2. Me and my friends planned this a month before the event itself, but it seemed like there's no certain plan when it comes to fangirling. The plan was to stay at their hotel on the 4th and leave on the 6th, but then all plans changed when we saw KyuSaeng at the hotel upclose!

I will tell you my story with vids hehehehe luckily I was able to capture most of the moments, but I missed one important moment with Kyu! (d*mn it!)

First story: 

We waited for KyuSaeng at the airport, but unfortunately we didn't see 'em. And so we headed straight to their hotel. My friends and I were planning to check in to another hotel nearby KyuSaeng's because, their hotel is expensive. But it all changed. Don't ask why. And so we waited at the lobby, (my group doesn't have our sources of intos yet, and so we just went with the flow).  I was informed that Young Saeng and Kyu Jong will be having a presscon at the hotel and my friend told me that Young Saeng is looking for their fans. He's askin why we fans wasn't at the airport waiting for them. And so, I called every TS I know and I don't know hahaha! It came to my mind that I need to gather every TS that I could to wait for them at the lobby for Young Saeng to see that, we are here waiting for them. As our number increased, PD noona together with the staffs and bouncers talked to us and said that KyuSaeng will not come out yet. She said that we have to behave ourselves for KyuSaeng not to be shocked. PD Noona is quite exhausted that time, I think she was surprised a lot of TS are waiting at the lobby! and so, she continued talking to us (by means of a translator, ofcourse!). She said that if we really love KyuSaeng, we will behave once they come out. And so we agreed!=)

We waited about 30-45 minutes, taking several pictures, talking and sharing stories etc., etc.,. And then we were advised that KyuSaeng is about to come out. I placed my self near the elevator where they will come out. How did I know? hehehe, I saw the elevator's floor indicator saying '9th flr' and before the event I was informed that VIP's usually are staying at the 8-10th flr. And so I got the idea maybe that elevator saying '9th flr' is where KyuSaeng will be coming from... and Indeed I was correct! =)
The elevator moved.... 9, 8, 7, 6,5,4,3,2,1,.... 'ting!'

I have to admit, Saengie caught my heart! Saengie was the first to come out from the elevator, and since I knew which elevator they will come out, The moment Saengie stepped out, we had our first eye-eye contact! Dang he was so gorgeous! Honestly, I forgot about Kyu that time! I was mesmerized by Saengie's eyes! His eyes are really expressive. It's like he's begging you to come to him and spend time with him! That's what I felt when I looked in his eyes! And I have to tell ya, Saengie's really tall! I didn't expect his that tall, but ofcourse Kyu's taller. But wow, Saengie's tall.... really tall! =)

After our first encounter with KyuSaeng, ofcourse we screamed our lungs out! I was shaking, because of Saengie! And then while we exchanged our thoughts about the two, my group went near where the presscon was held. 

But since, wifi there isn't consistent I went back at the lobby to update about what's goin' on that time. But instinct lead me back where my group was eating while waiting, and it lead me back in TIME! The presscon ended quickly, we were surprised when they went out that early! good thing, I have my phone with me. =) And this time, we were soooo near! =) And Saengie waved and killed us ! 

After they went back from their presscon, we waited again at the same spot because we were told that they will be back, this time for an one-on-one interview. And so we waited, then after 30mins or so, here they comes! 

And so, back to waiting. We didn't know what time they'll come out, we just took our chances. While waiting, I decided to sing for Kyu a Happy Birthday in Hangul. Others hesitated because they weren't confident enough with their hangul, and so I taught some of them how. We were practicing the whole time, 'Saengil Chukha hamnida...... Saranghaneun Kim Kyu Jong, Saengil Chukha hamnida'. I think we practiced that for 5 times, hehehe we were high that time! And when we're told that they were about to come out, we placed ourselves and practiced our Happy Bday song again! hahaha... Nervous eh? ^____^
I was the one who gave the cue to start singing.. We started singing when KyuSaeng were halfway to us. 

Kyu said 'sssshhhhhh' to us... hehehe but yeah, he seemed to liked it! Oh, did I tell you that, I haven't had any meal that time? I was starving  to death that time! But I had to endure my hunger, I want to see them! hehehe =) 

By this time, we now have our sources. ;)  and we got a tip that they will be having dinner at Dong Won a Korean Resto. Me and my group decided not to share this and just follow them, but since we are so tired and hungry we decided to just let it go............. We have to EAT and REST! 

After we ate and took some rest, me and phtriples and jaksalee123 decided to wait at the lobby. We didn't have any idea what time they will come back but our sources said that they went out to eat dinner at around 6:30-7pm, but this time they changed their way. They went out through the back door, which is we didn't know where the hell it is! And so we took a little trip at the hotel and search for that back door our source said. When we found out where that is, we went back at the lobby and waited. Me and phtriples were on the look at the front door, we mistakenly thought a lot of koreans that they were KyuSaeng haha funny!! 3 of us are the only one waiting there.
Finally! They came back at around 9pm, and since only 3 of us were there, the bouncers didn't took hard on us. Good thing again, I have my camera with me! =)

Kyu's really cute with that hoodie.. =) and Saengie ang Mr.Manager seemed so close.. they are always talking when they passes by. ^^

-END OF 1st Story-

 Second Story

Phtriples and jaksalee123 went for a breakfast at the spiral and there, they talked to our no.1 source (*ehem!).. Me and myhappycapsule decided to join them. And so, we now know what are KyuSaeng's schedules for that day! =)
Since we knew what's up for KyuSaeng's schedule for that day, we decided not to follow them outside the hotel but just waited for them at the hotel instead. We went immediately at the backdoor, and got ourselves ready, ready to send them off to their first TV appearance and that's on SHOWTIME (local TV program) then on DZMM and Radio program Tambayan 101.9.

They had their lunch at the Alex III and went back at the hotel at around 4pm if I'm not mistaken. Ofcourse, we were there waiting for them! =) 

Saengie said' Mahal ko kayo ' (I love you all) , really cute!!! 

Kyu's always the nice one, he's always waving and smiling at us. From that video above, I was able to caught Kyu who was about to receive a gift from a fan but unfortunately one of the staffs got the gift instead.

After TV and Radio guestings, they still have a magazine interview left for their schedule. I didn't have any vids of that, I wonder why! hahahaha.
And we waited again! hehehe.. =) 
Around 7 in the evening, they went out.  

This is when they finished their magazine interview. Kyu looked like Michael Jackson here with a hat and curly hair hehehe.. =) Kyu's always the one waving and smiling while Saengie is like leader.... snob? hehehe but in a good way though. =) 
At the latter part of this video, it got a little tense because other girls went wild. That's why I added a music here, you might here me yelling at them to keep quiet.  
@ 0:49 didn't know I was that close to Saengie!! I was like an inch away with him! hahaha... Sorry if it's kinda dark. Ang dilim sa hotel eh. =)

After this, we got a tip that they will be having dinner at DAMPA and so we waited again at the Lanai (backdoor) and sent them off to dinner. =)

When we sent them off to dinner, now it's time for us to have our own dinner! hahaha, and again, we decided not to follow them even though we knew where they'll be eating. We had KFC delivered at the hotel, we ate really really fast because according to my calculation an average of 2 hours is the estimated time whey they're going out. Me and my group are always the first ones to go back at the lanai and the rest follows. 

After their dinner, KyuSaeng seemed a bit tired. Maybe they ate a lot that's why a little bit sleepy afterwards.. =) They left at around 7:50 pm and went back at around 10pm. =)

-END OF 2nd Story-

Third Story

The day of the fanmeet ! Oh boy, am I excited?! hehe.. Now it's time for us to have our breakfast at the spiral. This time, I was lookin for our source, but no signs of it. But since we've got lots of sources, we got a tip that KyuSaeng will leave at 2pm for rehearsals. This time we decided to sing for them again, and I picked Snow Prince. Kyu said 'shhhhhh' again =)!/video/video.php?v=153315164724440&comments 

By judging on KyuSaeng's bag/luggage, it seemed like they won't be back again to dress up for the fanmeeting and so we decided to go back on our rooms and rest a bit and get charged for the fanmeet later on at 6:30. While resting, we were told that KyuSaeng will be at MYX (local music channel) and so got up from our beds and got ready to watch and record it. While recording it, we wanted to laugh out loud because of KyuSaeng's body language while VJ Janine interviewed them, it was so hard not to laugh!

credits to namjachingu_khj 

At around 5pm, we got ready and went to PICC where the FM was held. When we got there, a lot of people outside are already waiting. I got all excited with all the banners, tarps and pictures of KyuSaeng everywhere! 

While waiting outside, the raffle for Handshake session has been released by TSPH staffs, and luckily I was picked! Darn, I felt like I was the luckiest person alive hahahaha... =) 
100 lucky VIP seats will get a chance to handshake KyuSaeng. Me, phtriples, myhappycapsule, jaksalee123 and namjachingu_khj were lucky enough to got pick for the handshake session! Oh boy!!!!!

Before the show started, the securities asked us to deposit all our cameras because it's not allowed inside. At around 6, we went inside and since I have my phone with me, I was able to capture the venue.

-END OF 3rd Story-

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