Sunday, February 20, 2011

Kim Hyung Jun Fanmeeting in Japan

Look who's back!!! It's Maknae Hyung Jun with his steaming hot pictures and performance! I bet someone is smiling a lot right now, 내 말이 맞지 Cheezeemelt? ^^

And here is the dance he did! He looks so cool and handsome! With those shades on while making those sexy moves? All girls would be head-over-heels on him! Lucky Japan fans, they get to see this once in a lifetime performance. ^^

Additional vid. Hyung Jun sang ただ逢いたくて (Exile)

credits: (photo) Pretty Boy + DHJfan@yt + sylwia2587@yt

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cheezeemelt said...

맞아 맞아!!!! 하하 내 미소는 이렇게 큰.. ^_________^