Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Park Jung Min on Jung Sun Hee's Love FM [02.6.11]

Pls repost with full credits, Thanks!
Park Jung Min was on Jung Sun Hee's Love FM a while ago together with Girl Group Jewelry. The program started at around 1:10KST and ended exactly at 2pmKST. Thanks to hl2412@twitter for the updates and screencaps!

One of the highlights (for us Triple S ofcourse!) was when Min talked about his SS501 members. He kept talking about Maknae about being the youngest from SS501 and said that he considered Kyu as not his Hyung (bigbrother) neither his dongsaeng but a true friend! How sweet can that be? I'm so touched! =) 

Now here's some screencaps from hl2412@twitter

 Min's laughter is just like a pill! It's so addicting. =)

According to hl2412, Min looks like loves drinking this,

He also talked about his 12kg weight loss,

When it was Jewelry's time to sing, Min was dancing and clapping along with Jewelry's song Back It Up.

Min forgot that he capped/closed his drink and drank it with the cap on. haha ^^, 

His songs Everyday is Christmas and Not Alone was played but he didn't sing any. 

I was able to tune in, but unfortunately I can't figure out how to watch it live. I heard Min's laugh and it was contagious! I can feel he's on a happy state right now, good aura and all! Good to know that right? Keep the positive vibe coming Min!!!! ^^,

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