Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Kan Mi Yeon, Kim Hyung Jun, Electrifying Back Hand Kiss Proposal Receives “Condescending Expression Explosion”

Source: Nate
Trans: Only Jun (kimhyungjun.net)
Repost with full credits, please

Singer Kan Mi Yeon’s first mini album title song ‘Paparazzai (Feat. Eric)’ revealed a teaser in which SS501 Kim Hyung Jun held her hand and did a kiss proposal.
On Feb 14 afternoon, inside ‘Paparazzai’ MV which was first released via GOM TV, Kim Hyung Jun, dressed neatly in a suit when approaching Kan Mi Yeon, acted out a romantic concept by kissing on the back of her hand. Kan Mi Yeon displayed an almost condescending expression for about 30 seconds, hence making people curious about the reason behind such expression.
Especially because of Kan Mi Yeon’s classy gown and bundled-up hair which resembles Audrey Hepburn, therefore allowing people to sense a luxurious setting. Kim Hyung Jun also maintained his previous prince aura from his previous SS501 days, thereby captivating everyone’s attention.
Towards the teaser, netizens expressed that, “Really curious about the content of the music video”, “Kan Mi Yeon’s looks have become even more beautiful” “Back hand kiss is really romantic”, among other responses.
Kan Mi Yeon’s first mini album title song ‘Paparazzi’ full music video version would be released on the 16th this month via GOM TV

I was about to translate this also hehe but Young Saeng's arrival from japan distracted me hehehe thanks to crazynoona eonni for translating it! ^^, and I agree, the title sounds weird hehe but good job though! =)

Back to Maknae. Oh boy, he's already a MAN indeed! That back hand kiss is just 'ahhhh! I'm so proud of our baby. He really looked like a bachelor here and his acting's good eh? Can't wait for the full MV. Surely, this will be a hit. ^^,

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