Monday, May 31, 2010

Fan Signing @ 88 Gymnasium Seoul (Pony tailed Leader)

It's 6:50 pm here in Seoul. Fan Signing at 88 Gymnasium in Seoul is finished and birthday event for Hyun Joong is just started. I didn't know that there would be birthday event for Hyun Jung today. ㅠㅠㅠ I was told Leader's hair style was Pony tail. I can't wait to see the photo of it.

It's 9:30 pm now.
Fan Signing & All events are finished.
Here are that I was told from someone who attended today's event.

- Two cakes were prepared to celebrate our boys.
One is for HJL, the other one is for 5th Anniversary.
- Leader said "Thank you for coming today. This is the first time to have a birthday party with my fans for me."
- Jung Min said "I don't like this photo of cake. It's too old
." (hahaha. I was told the photo was from season of Warning promotion. I want to see what it is)
- Our boys were going to sing "Happy birthday to You" to Leader.
- Leader suggested other song to them instantly.
- Our boys said "Let's sing "Warning" to remind our debut".
- After their song, all fans sang Happy birthday song.
- Leader said to fans, "Thank you. Let's be together until 50th Anniversary.
" (Yeah~~~~~~)
- Suddenly, Love Ya was played in the venue.
- Many fans sang along but they couldn't follow rap part.
- So Leader said to fans "Don't pretend that you know the lyrics!! Don't Sing!!
" (hahahahaha)
- He also said "Let's make it tremendous when we comeback. I hope many fans will come to Music Bank on 4th of June" (Yes! Yes! Hyun Joong!! I'll come to you!!)
- After that, they got a photo time for fans. Suddenly Jung Min danced. (I want to see it!)

That's all I've heard.
Now I'll search for fan cam & photo of today.

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Awwwww... Leader made me laugh on the singing 'Love Yah' part... LOL!!
I'm really happy Leader is starting to crack some jokes again...I guess he's back!!^^,

Curious about his pony tail??^^,,

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Leader looked happy right? hayyy... what a relief!!^______^

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