Monday, May 31, 2010


I Salute for Leader! Despite the pain and fatigue,,,, he still gave us a great performance on their MV...

When I saw this pic.. I was hurt.... I wanna hug leader and Thank him for giving us his 100% effort despite he's injured!!!

Hands down! *sniff

So proud!

can you see his bandage??? T_T

So guys! Triple S! You know what to do in return!!!!
Make them no.1!!!!!

Voting for them and buying their album legally is all we can do to pay back for those hardship and pain especially Leader's....T_T
Thinking how Leader made this MV, really makes me cry. I can feel his pain and yet he still gave his 501% on this video.

So Triple S! Let's unite!!
Let's give the no.1 spot to SS501! they really deserve it!

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