Sunday, May 30, 2010

Leader on POPSEOUL

Finally, someone wrote something good and positive about Leader. Sad thing is, Leader was addressed again as 'Jihoo' of Boys over flowers.. aigooo...
But all in all, this article is nice...

Kim Hyun Joong is a Masked Chicken?

He can lead SS501 and chicken!

The “Boys Over Flowers” alum was spotted filming the newest CF for HOTSUN chicken. He has been an official model for the name brand since 2009 and now he is making grilled chicken stylish. Do you suppose he got the mask idea from his band’s gas masked concept?

After his recent car accident, it’s good to see our Ji-hoo out and about again! Hyun-joong is really doing his best to make fans happy. He made an appearance at the 2010 Dream Concert, and now he is filming a CF for us. Great Job Hyun-joong! However,don’t work too hard,we’ll still love you even if you take some time off for yourself.

The newest HOTSUN CF will debut soon. Since they are still filming, the release date has not been scheduled.In the meantime, check out more on set photos of the masked chicken, Hyun-joong!


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