Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Singer and actor Kim HyunJoong is currently considered for participation
in drama "Athena: Goddess of the war" (IRIS spin-off).

Kim HyunJoong has had several meetings with 'Athena' related production team,
the fact that this discussion of HyunJoong's considered participation was held had been revealed.
Sports Korea has reported that KimHyunJoong has had met up with the production
company Taewon Entertainment several times and exchanged numerous opinions
about his character in drama.

A personnel said, "The situation now is, both sides hasn't come to a finalized decision.
Kim HyunJoong has both his singer activities to carry out, and also,
another possible drama shooting in future, we're currently trying to
resolve for some thing".

However, KimHyunJoong's full participation hasn't been exactly
decided for yet. If he is finalized for participation, drama 'Athena'
would have gathered together all the top stars like that of a public festival exhibition.

On the other hand, production team has already confirmed about the
finalized participation of a razzling-dazzling cast with actors Cha Seung-won, Jung Woo-sung,
Su-Ae, Lee Jiah etc. From here, should group SS501's leader who appeared through KBS 2TV drama
"Boys over Flowers" 's character Yoon Jihoo be able to join into this, his status of Hanryu star
would undoubtedly add on to the majestic ambience of this 'Hanryu drama'.

"Athena", in its first half, will be talking about the threat of the terror organization Athena,
it will be terrifying the world with its terror bombardments and dupes. According to
the production team Taewon Entertainent who produced IRIS, it will no longer be 'NSS'
(name of terror organization) as in IRIS, but instead will be 'NTS' of the terror organization's name.
To this, the production team has stressed firmly, "This has totally got nothing to do with
IRIS' so-called sequel 'Iris 2'."

Athena is scheduled for broadcast through SBS this year end quickest, and latest will be
2011 first half year.

ALLKPOP - http://www.allkpop.com/2010/05/ss501s-kim-...-goddess-of-war

credit: Source: Sports Korea
Translated by Ode501

oh shoot! I'm actually torn about this issue. I'm so excited about the album and I want Leader to focus on his group first but knowing that there is a possibility for leader to join Athena, OH MEN!! this is BIG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If I'm not mistaken, leader said that if he would do a drama again, he wants a role from IRIS.
This could be a dream come true for our Leader! oh my! Even though I don't know the story's plot of Iris, I'm really excited now to see him act again! aigoo.. this only made me crave for our leader MORE!!!!
But of course!, I'm still looking forward for the COMEBACK ALBUM!!! this will surely a HIT!! yeah! Daebak!!^^

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