Sunday, May 23, 2010

Fans Like NO OTHER

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Dream Concert in Seoul was held Last night with an approximately of 21 Kpop Idol groups performed.
The stadium was colorful because of different fan clubs with their respective colors but it was dominated by a pearl metallic green balloons that it made the stadium looked like a green forest. It was soothing in the eyes, I never get tired looking at them.^^,

here is a non-triple s fan account:

"Wow, loved the part about SS501 and the great support for them. I'm not a hardcore fan, but I like them and their songs.
I think they sang a new ballad for the first time at this event. ^^" - by Lumi

What really amazed me is the fact that even a non-Triple S also cheered for our boys! They were amazed by their performance even though they sang only slow songs/ballad.
And two thumbs up to my fellow TRIPLE S who not only supported our boys but they sympathized with them. Triple S is still there even though the new album got delayed so many times. They even got hungrier than before! That's why, TRIPLE S stood out from the Dream Concert last night. Truly, Triple S is a Fan LIKE NO OTHER! TWO THUMBS UP!!!!!!!

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