Monday, May 31, 2010

Leader in Manila only for a Charity?

I read from Leader' and Beast's concert is only for charity. She contacted DSP (thanks for her effort) and said that there is nothing special about this concert since it was only for a charity event.

Voala! it's confirmed! It's a charity concert for the benefit of abiertas house of friendship. This is a charity for young mothers.
According to TSPH, Leader will be having an equal exposure same to beast, I just do know how long and I think there is already a promotional video of Leader inviting people to watch the concert.

I just have a question,, If this is a charity concert, why is it too expensive? isn't it supposed to be free? hmmmmm okay then, if it's not free, maybe the price should've be reasonable?
I'm not complaining or what, but it's just that, things and stuffs regarding this concert is so-not-clear.
Me, as a TSPH/PHTS I'm still confused regarding this matter...
I don't want to spend big money just to see Leader wave and just go!!!!
Yes, I'm willing to support Leader here, but too much is bad right?
I love leader, I love our boys but if it's too much, why then sacrifice for getting a tiny winy thingy from a concert?

We just want some clarifications here, the concert will be like when? in 3 weeks??
Are they kidding us? Up to this point, there isn't any promotional stuffs about this concert!
aarrrghhhh.... and yes, I admit.. I also want to see Maknae! and this made me confused more!
If Leader will really be having a worth-it concert here in Manila then I'm willing to sacrifice Maknae. BUT! If Leader would just come and go and just sing one song...
MEN!!! I go for Maknae! kekekek this sounds easy right???
Then you're WRONG!
We really need clarifications here... Filipinos aren't rich! DSP!! WE NEED YOUR STATEMENT! so that we can choose what concert to watch!!


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